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Year 1


Hi everyone,

Thank you for sharing some of your lovely work with us, we really do love hearing from you. As always, just do what you can, we appreciate how difficult it is. But if you do your best to do some new learning everyday, that will help make sure you are ready to start Year 2 in September!


We are trying to keep the activities as fun as possible! Send us pictures- we always love seeing the work you’ve been doing at home. Anything you need please just ask.



Summer 2

This half term we have a science and geography focus. Each week we will look at animals and food chains from different habitats.  


Week 1 and 2 - Woodland Habitats

Week 3 - Coastal Habitats

Week 4 - Ocean Habitats

Week 5 - Urban Habitats

Week 6 - Polar Habitats

Week 7 - Rainforest Habitats.


We will also be providing work linked to learning about the weather, compass directions, countries and capital cities in the United Kingdom. 


In Maths we continue to share resources from White Rose Maths, who provide daily lessons online  

Worksheets to accompany each daily maths lesson can be found in the weekly folders below.


We look forward to you sharing your learning journey with us this summer!

Please e-mail completed work to



Children in Year One have daily phonics lessons and would have been taking their Phonic Screening test in June. Practising phonics regularly and reading regularly is really important at this age. Phonics Play is a website with a free sign up and lots of interactive games and activities. Children in Year 1 are expected to be at Phase 5 by the end of the year, using the Letters and Sounds programme. There is a great video here to show you how to say each sound. You can find out more about this by clicking the chart below.

Year 1 Spellings

Please follow Covid 19 guidance and stay 2m away from others when dropping off and collecting children