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UKS2 LBQ Daily Task

The website you need to access is (there's a link at the bottom of this page). You can also download the app LBQ on a tablet or iPad.

A new code will be updated here every school day for you to use on the Learning by Questions site to access a maths, reading and/or SPAG activity.

Please use your first name only when logging in (or add your first initial if you know another member of the class has the same name).

Today's Code (23.10.20)




I know the answer is right, but it isn't letting me move on. Why?

It may be that you have got other questions wrong it the set before. It works in a progressive way that it only moves on to the next section of questions when the previous skills are seen to be secure. You can fix this by going back and having another go at the questions you got wrong and developing this skill first.


Can I access yesterday's question set?

No. LBQ works on a day to day basis so you can only complete the tasks set for that day. Don't worry though, the tasks are updated everyday and are all stand alone sessions so you don't need any prior learning from the previous days activities to do the current one if for some reason you weren't able to access it one day.


There's more than one task, what does this mean?

On some days I have set more activities. This is so that children can access some maths and some English (reading) directed tasks. All you have to do is click on each task when you are ready to complete it. The code will be the same for all the set tasks.


I've logged out but don't want to restart the task. Can I carry on from where I stopped?

Yes. Just log back in with the same code and the same name as you used before (including capitals) and it will carry on where you left off. 


I can't get the code to work:

Make sure you haven't got a typo in the code. It should all be lower case and is all letters.


I can't see the questions clearly:

Make sure you're using a device with a decent screen size. Phones are not compatible with the website as the questions won't be legible.

Please follow Covid 19 guidance and stay 2m away from others when dropping off and collecting children