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Mrs Dunderdale, Mrs Murray and Mrs Clayton are our Designated Safeguarding Leaders within school. Please ensure you speak to them if you have any worries or concerns about children's safety or well being.

Wakefield Childrens' Charter

During the Summer Term 2016 , Sharlston Community School signed up to support The Children and Young People's Safeguarding Charter, which was officially launched by Wakefield and District Safeguarding Board in May 2016.

More than 200 young people in the Wakefield district have given their views and ideas to help create a Children and Young People's Safeguarding Charter.

The document outlines young people's expectations of how schools, health and social care agencies as well as the police can support young people in enabling them to thrive and achieve. Young people have stressed that they want to be listened to, kept safe, taken seriously and be treated with care and respect.

The Charter also sets out a series of pledges that apply to all staff working with young people including making a personal commitment to be professional, to be trained, to know what to do and to show respect and understanding.

By signing up to the Charter, Sharlston School have made a commitment to demonstrate and show evidence of how they are putting the principles into practice over the coming years.


Please click below to download the Charter in full.


Please follow Covid 19 guidance and stay 2m away from others when dropping off and collecting children