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Here is an overview of expectations for our Reception children, in each of the seven areas of learning.

Our Early Years Team will be adding newsletters regularly, which will have ideas and suggestions for activities that your child can do at home. 

Daily Phonics 

Phonics is a really important part of the Reception Class's daily timetable. We follow Letter and Sounds to teach our phonics lessons at school and you can find out more about what this involves by clicking the on the chart below.

Try sounding out simple words using the letter sounds (d- u- ck ) and seeing if your child can recognise the word you are saying. Phonics Play also has lots of interactive activities with a free sign up. Most Reception aged children are expected to be working at Phase 3 at this point in the year, but please speak to the classteacher if you have any queries. There is a great video here to show you how to say each sound.







Language and Communication

The picture below links to a website with lots of fun ideas for developing language and story telling with your child. The good thing is, you can use Helicopter at Home with as little as one child. It is suitable for age two upwards, and because it is routed in play, your children can adapt the rules, making it work across a mixture of ages groups.


Coronavirus - homelearning links are on the Childrens Tab in Class pages. School is closed but you can still call us on 01924863044.