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At Sharlston We Shine!

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly and we recognise the successes and efforts of all our pupils.  Each week all our class teachers nominate a pupil to receive recognition for a particular achievement and these pupils have their name written in our "At Sharlston We Shine" Book.  Parents/carers of these children are invited to attend the special assembly and share in their achievement.




To encourage children to make the right choices we have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards.  Children are rewarded with "Smileys" which earn them a sticker on their chart and when they have filled the required number of charts they receive their Bronze award.  They can then go on to achieve Silver, Gold and Platinum and for each award they will receive a certificate and a star lapel badge.

Good to be Green

In school we use a "traffic light" system and all children begin each day on the Green traffic light.  Their behaviour throughout the day determines whether they remain on Green or whether they are moved on to the "thinking cloud", moved up to Amber or, when necessary, placed on the Red traffic light.

Children who have remained on the Green traffic light for the full half term are rewarded with a "Good to be Green" celebration and this could be a movie day with treats and popcorn, a disco or a digital day when they can bring in their tablets or electronic devices from home.


Attendance Awards

School attendance is very important and we would like all our children to aim for 100% attendance.  Full attendance means that no learning time has been lost.  All children who achieve 100% each half term receive an attendance award certificate and any child who achieves 100% attendance for the whole school year will receive a special prize.